We’d like to inform you that IRCcloud is NOT allowed on Station51. It’s a web-based client that stores ALL your information on their server in plain text – this includes all logs and your passwords.

For your own security we have banned that client and recommend you use your homeline, server or a normal BNC.

Mibbit is also not allowed, since every user can see your IP when you connect through it.


Be safe when you’re online – don’t use unsecure clients!

Welcome …

… to the station51 website.

From this site you are able to view what channels are available, who’s online and what countries they are from.

A brief history of Station51:

Station 51 was founded about 10 years ago by Bill, who decided to name it after a show he liked (!#Station_51).

Originally Station51 had one server, Sonic. 2003 Badger joined, in 2005 Ferret was added and Sonic + Badger were dropped, 2007 Puppy and Otter joined and in 2010 Otter was dropped when Bill left.

The zoo keepers are konoko + Babyboy, with konoko having been here from the start and Babyboy actively joining about 2 years ago.



Welcome no news stay tuned or someting -.-

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