HS Services Admin Commands

  • SET
     Syntax: /msg HostServ  SET <nick> <hostmask>.
     Sets the vhost for the given nick to that of the given
     hostmask.  If your IRCD supports vIdents, then using
     SET <nick> <ident>@<hostmask> set idents for users as
     well as vhosts.
     Syntax: /msg HostServ  SETALL <nick> <hostmask>.
     Sets the vhost for all nicks in the same group as that
     of the given nick.  If your IRCD supports vIdents, then
     using SETALL <nick> <ident>@<hostmask> will set idents
     for users as well as vhosts.
     * NOTE, this will not update the vhost for any nick's
     added to the group after this command was used.
  • DEL
     Syntax: /msg HostServ  DEL <nick>
     Deletes the vhost assigned to the given nick from the
     Syntax: /msg HostServ  DELALL <nick>.
     Deletes the vhost for all nick's in the same group as
     that of the given nick.
  • LIST
     Syntax: /msg HostServ  LIST [<key>|<#X-Y>]
     This command lists registered vhosts to the operator
     if a Key is specified, only entries whos nick or vhost match
     the pattern given in <key> are displayed e.g. Rob* for all
     entries beginning with "Rob"
     If a #X-Y style is used, only entries between the range of X
     and Y will be displayed, e.g. #1-3 will display the first 3
     nick/vhost entries.
     The list uses the value of NSListMax as a hard limit for the
     number of items to display to a operator at any 1 time.
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