If you wish to link with Station51

  1. Have a stable server (linux required) (dedicated,VPS,Shell) no windows!.
  2. Have your own Static IP address.
  3. Be on a uplink of 100mb or more, And have enuf bandwidth.
  4. Must be willing to run our IRCD software (we use InspIRCd-2.0.2).
  5. Have a minimum of 50users on your server (this so we know you can host server, and know what to do how to promote it).
  6. There can only be one NetAdmin and thats for one who runs server, if you have more opers they all become GlobalOp.
  7. Do not overreact and give example 10users ircop of example 50users, Consider we have about 10 ircops on 2servers for about 750+ users
  8. Must be willing to use Station51 as network name.
  9. You can keep your server name or choose one of ours ( current is (puppy and ferret) (we are a animal loving irc network :))
  10. Must be willing to use our services (this is not up for discussion).
  11. And we prefer to have shell access, this to work on ircd when we customize it or in case of irc crash etc… and we cannot contact you (not needed but preferred)
  12. And last but not least agree to our /MOTD (puppy‘s or ferret‘s)
  13. If you after all this still want to link your server please contact Babyboy on our irc channel #help or email
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